Foreign interference in EU democracy: new special committee begins work 12 May | Noticias | Parlamento Europeo

Nueva York, Estados Unidos / Bruselas, Bélgica.- Resumen de toda la actualidad en NOTICIERO MADRID las 24 horas del día.

When: Thursday 12 May 2022, 16.45 to 17.15

Where: European Parliament in Brussels, Antall building, room 4Q1, and by remote connection

At its constituent meeting, the Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including Disinformation, will first elect a Chair and four Vice-Chairs.

You can watch the meeting live on Parliament’s multimedia centre.


The special committee is tasked is tasked with screening existing and planned EU legislation for loopholes that could be exploited by non-EU countries for malicious purposes, as well as to follow up on the final report of its predecessor, the mandate for which ended on 23 March.

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